Property Ownership in Madagascar


Article by Léa Ratsiazo  taken from the Express de Madagascar  on 08/10/2014
 Excessive Bureaucracy
" Everyone complains about the excessively long and complicated procedure and waiting times for anything concerning property ownership in Madagascar. So long and complicated, in fact, that most applicants  walk away from the process, tired of the hassle and the attitude of the local officials responsible for all things relating to land and property.
 There are, therefore, more and more disputes relating to property ownership because applicants are not seeing their application through to the end, in order to obtain the deeds. Three quarters of all cases being dealt with in courts relate to property ownership disputes.
There is a Property ownership  week at the Antananarivo Town Hall  until the 10th October, its aim being to inform potential applicants of the general application procedure and to answer clients’ questions.
‘Complications in the application process are mostly the result of excessive  bureaucracy ‘, observes the Minister of Administrative Supervision, Rivo Rakotovao. However ,no government or minister has up to now succeeded in solving this issue.
There are currently 500 000 registered property deed requests in Madagascar. Acquiring the deeds to undisputed land takes at least 6 years. If the plot is  disputed, this process can take 15 to 20 years. Who has the perseverance to see his/her  application through to the end ? This is why there are those who prefer to settle the affair with machetes !
 Property ownership legislation needs to be brought up to date, according to the Minister of Administrative Supervision. Current legislation dates back over a century ago and is no longer relevant. This in itself is also a source of dispute.
A duplicate of the deeds to the property and land for sale on Sainte Marie has been issued.



Duplicate of the deeds to thre property and land