locomotion on the island  

To get around the island, either take the bush taxis or rent a taxi or 4x4 for your trips. You can also rent quad, motorcycle, scoot or bike. Many rickshaws have arrived on the island since the road connecting Anbodifitatra to the airport (12 km) has been paved (very pleasant and inexpensive way to travel).

Public Taxis
You will be able to signal to the minibuses and 404 tarpaulins that circulate from the airport to the south of the island to the north, only on the western part. They stop at the sub-prefecture of the island Ambodifotatra then continue north after Lonkintsy but stop shortly after the road quickly becomes impracticable for cars.
The tariffs are fixed and operate according to the section carried out. Airport / Ambodifotatra 30.000 Ar - Airport your rental 25.000 Ariary - Ambodifotatra your rental 30.000 Ariary
A few minibuses at night.

Local taxis
Generally Renault or Peugeot. About 20,000 Ar to 30,000 Ariary from the airport to Ambodifotatra. Do not hesitate to negotiate ...

is a motorized tricycle of Thailand originr generally serving as a taxi. It consists of a front scooter, a wheel, with handlebars, extended by a "sleigh" covered with a hood, on two wheels, in which the passengers sit. There is usually room for three adults .... Count about 15,000 Ariary (to debate as usual) for an Ambodifotatra-airport race.

Motorcycle rental (125 cm3) or Quad
Surely one of the best means of locomotion to live in freedom, hair in the wind. Count 20 euros (about 50,000 Ariary) the day to negotiate depending on the duration of the rental. For a quad count a higher sum.
Upon your arrival at the Résidence des Mousquetaires if you wish, we will put you in contact with renters.

Mountain bike rental
To live in communion with the calm and mora-mora (softly) of the island. Pretty flat until Lonkintsy, then for the "pros" of the mountain bike, next to the paved road of the Paris-Roubaix will seem a landing strip ....

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